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“Giardino Segreto di Fornasetti” the fourth scent from Fornasetti Profumi, is a scent inspired by a dreamlike representation of an idealised Italian secret garden, flourishing with a rich tapestry of herbs and foliage, hidden follies and ‘mystical’ creatures.
“Giardino Segreto di Fornasetti” embodies the green and fresh scent of cypresses, ivy and cedar wood blended together with the dusty dry aroma of overgrown stone walls and balustrades. It has a verdent herbal scent, supported by notes of maquis and thyme entwined with the dryness of vetiver and cistus labdanum.

TOP NOTES : Cypress, Ivy, Bergamot, Pink Peppercorn
MIDDLE NOTES : Cistus, Labdanum, Maquis, Thyme
BASE NOTES : Cedarwood, Vetiver


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