Fornasetti Profumi

Scented candle 300g with lid. Hand-painted and screen-printed with the face of Lina Cavalieri. 

Bearing a ribbon-tied design, the exquisite “Regalo Gold” candle’s bespoke design appropriately named “Regalo”, meaning “gift” in Italian. This charming addition to the Profumi collection was created by Barnaba Fornasetti.

The design features the enigmatic face of Lina Cavalieri. Lina was an internationally renowned artist who lived at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. She was famous as “the most beautiful woman in the world”. Piero never met her, but considered her face a true archetype: the quintessential image of classical beauty. Her enigmatic look has become the centrepiece of Piero’s longest-lasting theme to such an extent that there are currently nearly 400 variations.

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Otto is wonderfully warm, smoky and sophisticated scent that captures the spirit of Fornasetti both at work and home. This signature fragrance combines wild and aromatic Mediterranean herbs once grown throughout the grounds of the Fornasetti family home in Milan, together with the distinctive scent of sun-warmed Orris, Cedarwood and Birch which Fornasetti favoured to create his iconic furniture and art. Laced with swirls of perfumed incense, Otto is a truly timeless and unique scent that gently fills the air with a sens of familiarity, tradition and nostalgia. Otto is the signature scent and has been created by Olivier Polge master perfumer at the House of CHANEL.

TOP NOTES: Thyme, Lavender

HEART NOTES: Iris, Cedarwood

BASE NOTES: Tolu balsam, Incense, Birch, Styrax, Labdanum

Fornasetti Profumi scented candles are handmade using the best quality ingredients in a unique wax recipe that ensures a clean burn.

To care for your candle effectively, please follow the tips below:

- When burning for the first time trim the wick to around 5mm and burn until the surface wax melts completely.

- Burn the candle for a maximum of two to three hours at a time to reach optimum diffusion of the scent.

- After blowing out the flame, if necessary centre the wick in the liquid wax.

- It is essential to cut the wick short before relighting the candle to avoid unnecessary smoke.

- Do not place the candle in a wind draught or directly on a wooden, glass or marble surface.

- Never leave a burning candle unattended.

- Never move or tip a burning a candle.

- Keep out of reach of children and animals.

- Please note that the flaking of the wax may happen if temperature varies. This does not affect the quality of the burn and will correct itself after the first burning.

Approximate burning times:

300g candle = 60hrs 

Olfactory family

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