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Incense holder + 80 incense sticks

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The image that adorns the Flora inscense box is the haunting face of operatic muse Lina Cavalieri in the guise of the mythical fertility goddess. Her earring and tiara made out of diverse and lush flowers.

Its parfume is delicate bouquet of white flowers, lily of the valley, iris, jasmine and tuberose, combined with ivy, sandalwood and musk. Perfume created by  Emmanuel Philip, is inspired in part by the lush vegetation of the garden of the Fornasetti estate in Milan.

TOP NOTES: Ivy, Lily of the valley, White rose

HEART NOTES: Iris, Orange blossom, Jasmine

BASE NOTES: Tuberose, Sandalwood, Musk

The incense box is made of hand-made ceramic lid with hand-made wooden box to be used with incense. It can also be used as a collectable box to store items. Each box contains 80 incense sticks. The Japanese incense is made according to the traditional methods of Nippon Kodo, incense makers to the Emperor. Ensures a fast and visible diffusion.

Olfactory family

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