Liquides offers a selection of exceptional perfume brands, chosen for their originality, their bias, their desire to renew the art of perfume. The creations are out of the ordinary. They only follow a specific approach, that of pleasure. They have been thought out and created by olfactory authors who seek to express their desires or their vision, not a trend. Their scents are never dictated by olfactory marketing, perfumes are only here to confuse, attract, surprise and intrigue the one who will wear them with delight. They are liquids essentially made to make your most hidden emotions vibrate.

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PENTALOGIES PARFUMS Eau de Parfum 100ml The Eye: Organ of the Cosmos Etude 1.1 is engraved in a monochrome universe, a universe without contour. The accord is intense, pale, and mysterious, like a veil of stars. Suspended, it imposes its slow rhythm; we learn how to experience its different...