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  • Brand: Carner Barcelona
  • Brand: La Parfumerie Moderne
  • Brand: Pentalogies Parfums
  • Olfactory family: Aromatic


PENTALOGIES PARFUMS Eau de Parfum 100ml The Nose: Organ of Memory Glistening hide, Etude 1.5 marries the reassuring aura of the morning’s coffee grounds with the indelible imprint of a roll of film. Towering Olympian, cold and immobile, its grandeur dwells in its incorruptible righteousness.



LA PARFUMERIE MODERNE Eau de Parfum 100ml "Jazz age" swings like a mysterious aromatic melody on the warm and enveloping rhythm of amber impulses. From the open windows of this proud hotel overlooking the Mediterranean escapes the carefree wake of a festive air punctuated by powdery and wooded...