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The family-run and small-scale House of Frapin, the epitome of French art de vivre, has been studying the elegance of masculine fragrances since 2004. Under the artistic leadership of David Frossard, it develops exceptional perfumes that draw their inspiration from its universe, terroir, cognac and the French lifestyle in general and that reflect its specific expertise and mastery. Timeless raw materials, age-old expertise and refined emotions are the hallmarks of Frapin’s spirit and its sophisticated scents. These elegant perfumes give their wearers the freedom to express their style and uniqueness. Firmly focused on masculinity, Frapin strives to venture into all areas in which men show their natural demeanour, intensity, authenticity and even courage.

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P.FRAPIN & CIE Eau de Parfum, 100ml New creation that pays tribute to nature and especially to wood.



P.FRAPIN & CIE Eau de Parfum, 100ml A new fresh woody leather fragrance that pays homage to the Frapin family.