A place, a bar

Tucked into a side street in the Haut Marais district, at the corner of the Hôtel de Sauroy and rue de Saintonge, Liquides is a unique place, a perfume “bar” imagined by David Frossard and designed by Philippe Di Méo. It’s a friendly and diverse place that lets you discover specially selected, hand-picked perfumes: audacious, rebellious and of the utmost quality. The precious liquids are lined up on dazzling shelves, made up of golden brass and illuminated by neons, just like high-end spirits in a luxury bar. Clearly rebuffing traditional perfumery, Liquides is a totally new approach with a unique perspective.

An experience

Entering Liquides is about feeling free and leaving our preconceptions behind. You let yourself be immersed in unexpected floating essences in a space dedicated to sharing. You can be guided or not, by a Barman who, sharing confidences, invites you to explore. It’s about discovering and being intoxicated by perfumes that are off the beaten track. It’s about being taken over by the strange power of the most unexpected odors, or coming back to origins, feeling dizzy and living emotions over again. The visitor may lose themself a little, in order to better find themself, or simply lets themself be amazed by an odor, a story, a creator, a raw material, a bottle, a name….

At Liquides, the visitor is told a story, transported, without clichés, by scents and designers who have been chosen for their strong identity, beyond the diktats of traditional perfumery.

Liquides offers anyone who is blinded by the neon lights of common olfactory opinion, another outlook, bathed in a different light. Because perfume is above all a very personal story.

Extraordinary fragrances

At Liquides, all the fragrances are chosen for their originality, their strong personality and a desire to renew the art of perfume. They might be disturbing to some, but follow only one specific approach, that of pleasure. They have been imagined and created by olfactory authors who want to express their own desires and vision, not a trend. These scents are not dictated by marketing, they are there to attract, surprise, even to shake you up, and they go on to constantly intrigue the person who wears them. These “liquids” are simply made to thrill us emotionally and make us feel truly unique.