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Eau de Parfum, 10ml

Oud Abramad is a bridge between East and West, inspired by the warm marble of oriental palaces. Composed of natural oud from Indonesia, rose plays a role in structuring the formula by blending with notes of incense and of wood which make this perfume textured and intense. In the top note, spices such as cardamom and saffron give it a dose of originality, while also recalling Indian influences.

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At dawn, the doors close. The light coloured marble has kept the intoxicating heat of the day. It seems as if the lush garden is soothing, and the trees open their arms. The desert’s night creeps under the arcades and the garden seems circled by alcoves. Someone silently crosses the darkness. You can hear the subtle sound of fa- bric draping like a cloak over the discreet sound of the leather’s patina. The silhouette slow and haughty floats through the silenced garden. Maybe it’s Abramad... heavy door opens and a glimmer of light filters through. A proud shadow covers the stone in the trail of the golden light. She disappears. Lift your heard towards the se- ven windows of the palace opened like big black eyes. In the hushed obscurity, someone stands facing the desert.

TOP NOTES: Safran, Ginger

HEART NOTES: Damascena Rose Absolute, Caraway Essence

BASE NOTES: Essence of oud wood, Essence of guaiac wood, Essence of incense, Essence of patchouli

Perfumer Mathilde BIJAOUI

COMPOSITION: Alcolhol denat, Parfum (fragrance), Aqua (water), Benzyl benzoate, Eugenol, Linalool, Alpha isomethyl ionone, Farneseol, Cironellols, Limonenes, Citral, Benzyl alcohol, Isoeugenol, BHT.


Each perfume in this collection turns the spotlight on one of the principal raw materials, whether natural or derived from synthetic molecules. The Collection Matières emphasizes the importance of the choice of raw materials and of their origins, which is why travel and discovery are at the core of this collection. The starting point for the inspiration for each one of the fragrances is found in the raw material itself. From this raw material emerge distinctive and unexpected dimensions.


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