“In ancient medicine, the body was held in balance thanks to four humours, precious liquids within the body described by Hippocrates, to ensure harmony and to restore balance and spirit. Drawing inspiration from this theory, the Trilogie des Humeurs aims to summon perfume and its power to focus our emotions, enhance reality and disturb and heightenour senses.With these subtle olfactory potions, I offer you a chance to unleash the strength of your imagination”. Philippe Di Méo

LACRIMA - Water of the eyes

In myths and dreams, I am compared to a gem, to golden amber, rain or sunlight. I am the rare pearl which escapes from the corner of the eye, a drop of crystal which lands on your cheek. I am the precious water laden with your most intimate emotions, your fears, your joys, your passions and your disappointments. I am a vital substance, a saline and holy liquid. My perfume dispels melancholy, a sense of sorrow and heartache. I am the lethal weapon to combat your temperament. I am the water of the eyes, LACRIMA.

NOTES: Pink Pepper, Elemi, Smoked wood, Benzoin, Castoreum, Moss

Perfumer : Anne-Sophie Behaghel


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