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“In ancient medicine, the body was held in balance thanks to four humours, precious liquids within the body described by Hippocrates, to ensure harmony and to restore balance and spirit. Drawing inspiration from this theory, the Trilogie des Humeurs aims to summon perfume and its power to focus our emotions, enhance reality and disturb and heightenour senses.With these subtle olfactory potions, I offer you a chance to unleash the strength of your imagination”. Philippe Di Méo

The Greeks called me a "visual hallucination" or a fantasy of the spirit. I interfere with your vision. A fluid antagonism between imagination and actual perception. I am the ghost of your deep-seated desires, of your hidden thoughts. I awaken your secret impulses and bring them to light. In its mystery, my perfume develops your imagined satisfaction, it ensures your seduction, arouses charisma and liberates pleasure. I am the water of the lips, PHANTASMA.

NOTES: Black tea, Yuzu, Rise power, Ginger, Juniper, Sensual woods

Parfumer Anne-Sophie Behaghel

COMPOSITION: ALCOHOL DENAT. [77,664000], FRAGRANCE (PARFUM) (FRAGRANCE) [14,866200], AQUA (WATER) [7,336000], LINALOOL [0,082860], GERANIOL [0,022620], LIMONENE [0,013005], BENZYL ALCOHOL [0,011265], COUMARIN [0,002250]


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