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The Skin: Organ of desire

Etude 1.3 is venom, searing and electrifying, It’s flesh against flesh, a tactile and narcotic bolt of lightning. Penetrating and sensual. This solar heat invites touch and reveals the animality of desire.

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TOP NOTES: Bites and oxides accord, Bergamot, Rosewood, Rosemary, Cumin, Geranium

HEART NOTES: Solar Flower Accord, Jasmine, Orange blossom, Ylang ylang

BASE NOTES: Half human/half animal skin accord, Gaiac wood, Benzoin, Sandalwood, Clove, Styrax, Leather, Musk


Our awareness is governed by our emotions which emerge from our ability fo feel. We perceive our environment by synchronizing our senses into a total experience like a quest for truth and emotion.

To see, to hear, to touch, to taste, and to smell make up a whole which unites the world. The senses are the messengers of our emotions, the first allies of our comprehension, of our ability to communicate and to convey meaning. They open silently, never slackening. Smell is our cardinal sense, but deprived of its own language. Despite this lack, it possesses the power of visual, audible, tactile, and taste representations. To speak of an odor solicits all the senses. To name it implies vision in order to evoke color and shape. Touch is needed to describe a texture, warmth or coolness. To explain/describe an odor is to stretch the ear to sense the highs and the lows; it’s to summon the tastebuds in order to narrate sweet or savory. Perfume distinguishes itself by its capacity to stimulate the imagination. It’s the builder which erects bridges in order to gather the senses around language.

Pentalogies seizes the senses like the subject of a study. Like a prism, Pentalogies deconstructs the theme in order to read it, sense by sense, and free the language of the five interpreters of the world. Through the analogies which theorize their imaginary, the senses unveil the singularity of their language. Pentalogies Perfumes is an invitation to explore the senses by way of perfume.

Etude 1

The senses steer the organs and converge in our soul. Pentalogies Parfums expresses itself through a collection of 5 perfumes called L’ETUDE. Each Etude treats a single subject, deconstructed and interpreted by a sense: La Vue, L’Ouïe, Le Toucher, Le Goût, L’Odorat

Etude 1 is an introduction to this concept. It focuses on organs as tools in the service of the senses, defining a world with its own characteristics for each sense. The eye, the ear, the skin, the mouth, and the nose constitute the first pentalogy, unveiling their unique universe through a narrative, opening from a perfume.

Thus the Eye, window on the multi-dimensional soul is introduced as the Organ of the Cosmos; the Ear and its aquatic curves which tame waves is the Organ of the Depths; the Skin, a hyper-sensitive envelope, erect and electric, is the Organ of Desire; voracious cavern, epicurean devourer, the Mouth is the Organ of Myth while the Nose, guardian of the mind, is the Organ of Memory.


"Pentalogies is a place of expression at the boundary between awareness and introspection where I articulate everything which stimulates my sensibilities, where I’m able to energize my influences, my flights of fancy, my life path, by way of sensory metaphors. The senses are simultaneously the foundation and the form, elaborating infinite universes born from their arousal. To accomplish this, I love to explore my perceptions, look for the details, shift my perspective, grant myself a purely intellectual and infinite escape in support of a recursive representation…" - Dorothée Duret, founder and creative directeur of the brand.


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