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Liquides, The perfume bar

Tucked away in a narrow street in the Haut Marais district, at the corner of the Hôtel de Sauroy and rue de Saintonge, Liquides is a "perfume bar" unique of its kind. When entering this attractive setting created by the designer Philippe di Méo, visitors can enjoy a genuine sensory experience which will help them to find the rare perfume best suited to them. Behind the store's brass counter, the bottles are lined up on the shelves ready to reveal their secrets. During your discussions, the barmaid suggests fragrances, tells you more about a particular perfume maker, or explains the composition of a juice, etc. A valuable source of precious information, she proposes a selection of outstanding perfumes, whose fragrances admirably convey a personality or state of mind. At Liquides, the perfumes can be chosen like a book or a great wine, in an attentive and friendly atmosphere.

How to go there ?

9 rue de Normandie
75003 Paris - France
Open from Monday to Saturday from 11 AM to 7:30 PM
Saturday until 8:00 PM
Tel : 09 66 94 77 06

Liquides@ Le Bon Marché

Liquides is also at the Bon Marché since septembre 2016 :

Le Bon Marché, 24 rue de Sèvres - 75007 Paris
From Monday to Saturday, 10:00AM to 8:00 PM
8:45 thursday
Sunday : 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Tel : 01 44 39 80 00


Our selection for spring

The new creation of Vilhelm Parfumerie with notes of lemon, jasmine and musk is an elegant floral fragrance for summer days.

Vilhelm Parfumerie

Don’t tell Jasmine

An aromatic spray composed of a velvet mix of exotic roses to enhance the mood of interior spaces and freshen linens


Room spray « Rose Noire »

Lina Cavalieri, Piero Fornasetti's famous muse, is decorated with flowers and butterflies for summer. A white flower bouquet such as tuberose, jasmine, lys and iris

Fornasetti Profumi

Fior di Lina

Transitor radio hewn of sandalwood radiates ragas in the Bandra heat. Hot copper tubes warm soft wood releasing blooms of musk, cream, peach, ambrette, coc, cedar distillates.

DS & Durga

Radio Bombay

Key numbers

- 2 barmaids all experts in rare perfumes
- 27 specially selected brands
- 9854 cups of tea served at the counter
- 4 springs old already! Happy birthday Liquides !

A sensory experience


Come along and pay us a visit at 9 rue de Normandie, in the Haut Marais district. Call into our perfume bar, admire the bottles on the shelves and pull up a seat at the counter to enjoy a cup of tea, coffee or a glass of mineral water. Suitably relaxed? Your sensory experience can now begin.


Tell our barmaid which scents you like and those you don't, those you have worn and the fragrances which left an impression on you throughout your life. She will help you to find the right words to describe your sensory impressions and will suggest several fragrances. Let her guide and advise you… the result will definitely be worth it!


With no shortage of bar tales and perfume-related chat, our barmaid will guide you through a changing landscape of emotions and accompany you as you seek the rare perfume matching your personality. Try out new fragrances, discover new worlds and explore the mysteries of outstanding perfumes!


Far from the beckoning messages of the mass marketing scene, you can begin to identify your true inner desires. You will slowly uncover the secrets of rare perfumes and embark upon a quest to find the fragrance which best resembles you. Sooner or later, a bottle will open and you'll recognise it. This fragrance is YOU, telling your story, conveying your history and personality.


  • "Rare fragrances, elegantly presented."


  • "Served by experts. There's nothing better than to sit back and be guided. Spray to your heart’s content and perhaps you’ll change your usual perfume habits."


  • "Unlike the self-service stores, Liquides harks back to the perfume shops of yesteryear with perfumes which call out appealingly to you from behind the bar and the guarantee of an attentive, personalised service."

    Beauty addict

  • "So we go along with it, we gently smell the fine perfumes just as wine waiters do with fine wines. There’s no standardised self-service here. Instead, they discover our preferences and find us the fragrance which suits us best.."

    Time Out

  • "Stylish and specialised."


  • "A new 100 % perfume concept store, to help you find unusual fragrances designed by great names in the perfume trade".


  • "Follow the aroma of perfumes emanated by this cosy and intoxicating establishment to enjoy an amazing sensory experience!"


  • "To walk into Liquides is to discover something wonderfully private, fleeting and sensually delightful."

    Télérama (Sortir)

  • "For lovers of rare sensations."

    Le Figaro

Useful information

9 rue de Normandie
75003 Paris - France
(at the corner of rue de Saintonge)
Open from Tuesday to Saturday from 11 AM to 7:30 PM
Saturday until 8:00 PM
Tel : 09 66 94 77 06

Le Bon Marché, 24 rue de Sèvres - 75007 Paris
From Monday to Saturday, 10:00AM to 08:00 PM
08:45 on Thursday and Friday
Sunday : 11:00AM to 08:00 PM
Métro :  Sèvres Babylone (L10, L12)
Tel : 01 44 39 80 00

Press officer :
Fabienne Rossi - Hors-Série RP
13, rue Molière Paris 1er
09 73 10 50 69 // 06 11 78 78 56

 Paris 3
  33 9 66 947 706