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Liquides is much more than a Parisian perfume store. In store or online, Liquides offers a handpicked selection of exceptional brands with more than 600 references of perfumes, skincare, candles and home fragrances. Brands or products exclusive to Liquides, gift sets and limited editions.

All the fragrances have been chosen for their originality, their bias and their will to renew the art of perfume. They follow only one specific approach, that of pleasure, and have been thought and created by olfactory authors who seek to express their desires or their vision, not a trend. 

All the products have been selected for their effectiveness and their respect for the body and the environment.


A sparkling birthday 

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Dom Rosa, discover this brand-new special edition in which the juice is more concentrated to highlight the floral and fruity facets of this tribute to French wine-making know-how. Dom Rosa Millésimé comes with a sumptuous box that could be compared to the greatest bottles of Champagne.

The scent of the blood of a rose, sacrificed for the beauty of wine

Rose bushes are grown in vineyard at the end of each vine row for a reason. It may look like it is a beautiful addition, but they alert the winemaker about the presence of diseases or pests that often attack the vines.

It was in Burgundy that French monks realise that the rose bushes that planted close to the vines would show the marks of the disease before the vines did.

Since then, a rose has sacrificed its beauty in the name of the rescue the vineyards that will remain alive.

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Eau de Parfum - Un Musc 100ml | Obvious Parfums Eau de Parfum - Un Musc 100ml | Obvious Parfums 2
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un musc

Eau de Parfum 100ml The comfort and elegance of a second skin. When perfume and skin enter a perfect symbiosis to sublimate the rare elegance of being authentic to oneself, Un Musc appears. A fragrance that slips on like the most beautiful and softest of white T-shirts, becoming a timeless and ageless classic. Notes of ginger, bergamot and vetiver bring...
In stock
P.Frapin & Cie

1270 extrême

Eau de parfum, 100ml.
In stock
Liquides Imaginaires

blanche bête

Eau de Parfum 100ml New opus of Les Eaux de Peau trilogy.  « Often represented in medieval tapestries alongside a young woman in a flowery and fragrant garden, I am an imaginary animal, wild and solitary. My immaculate body is that of a fabulous white horse. Wearing a single, twisted poison neutralizing horn on my forehead. My ivory is sought after...
In stock
BDK Parfums

gris charnel

BDK PARFUMS Eau de Parfum, 100ml
In stock
Liquides Imaginaires


Eau de Parfum Black water with an indelible fragrance, it instils its precious properties to drive out evil spirits and face the future with strength. The indelible aromatic mark of a precious assembly of rare woods and spices, warmed up by a few smoky plumes giving the fragrance is bewitching strength. A perfume for reincarnation.

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