Make the perfume great again


Tucked into a side street in the Haut Marais district, at the corner of the Hôtel de Sauroy and rue de Saintonge, Liquides is a unique perfume bar. Visitors who enter this attractive setting, created by designer Philippe di Méo in collaboration with David Frossard, founder of Liquides, embark on a genuine sensory experience to find the rare perfume best suited to them. Behind the store’s brass counter, bottles lined up on the shelves wait to reveal their secrets. The barman engage in conversation to suggest fragrances, provide details about a particular perfume maker, and explain the composition of an essence. Based on what a visitor confides and on a selection of outstanding perfumes, he or she suggests a fragrance which conveys a personality or state of mind. At Liquides,  perfumes are chosen like a book or a great wine, in an attentive and friendly atmosphere.


Liquides, the perfume bar 
9 rue de Normandie – 75003 Paris
Tuesday to Friday 11 – 7:30
Saturday 11 – 8
Tel : 09 66 94 77 06


Liquides is also at the Bon Marché (Opened September 2016)

Le Bon Marché, 24 rue de Sèvres – 75007 Paris
Monday to Saturday 10 – 8
Thursday until 8:45
Sunday 11-8
Tel : 01 44 39 80 00




Pay us a visit at 9 rue de Normandie, in the Haut Marais district. Come into our perfume bar, admire the bottles on the shelves and pull up a seat at the counter to enjoy a tea, coffee or mineral water. Suitably relaxed? Your sensory experience can begin.


Tell our barman which scents you like and those you don’t, those you have worn and the fragrances which left an impression on you throughout your life. He or she will help you to find the right words to describe your sensory impressions and suggest several fragrances. Let them guide and advise you: the result is worth it!


From bar tales to perfume-related chat, our barista will guide you through a labyrinth of emotions and your choice of the special perfume that reflects your personality. Try out new fragrances, discover new worlds and explore the secrets of outstanding perfumes!


Far from the sirens of mass marketing, you begin to identify your true desires. Slowly uncover the secrets of rare perfumes and embark on a journey to find the fragrance that says ‘you’. As you try different bottles, one will open, and you’ll recognise it. The fragrance that speaks to you, your story and your personality.

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“So we go along with it, we gently smell the fine perfumes, like sommeliers with fine wines. There’s no standardised self-service here. Instead, staff explore our preferences and find us the fragrance which suits us best.”

“Rare fragrances, elegantly presented.”

“Stylish and specialised.”

“A new 100 % perfume concept store, to help you find unusual fragrances designed by great names in the perfume trade”.

“Follow the aroma of perfumes emanated by this cosy and intoxicating establishment to enjoy an amazing sensory experience!”

“For lovers of rare sensations.”

“Unlike the self-service stores, Liquides harks back to the perfume shops of yesteryear with perfumes which call out appealingly to you from behind the bar and the guarantee of an attentive, personalised service.”


9 rue de Normandie - 75003 Paris
(at the corner of rue de Saintonge)
Tuesday to Friday 11–7:30
Saturday until 8
Tel: 09 66 94 77 06

Le Bon Marché, 24 rue de Sèvres - 75007 Paris

Monday to Saturday 10–8
Thursday and Friday until 8:45

Sunday 11–8
Métro stop:  Sèvres Babylone (Line 10 or Line12)
Tel: 01 44 39 80 00

Press officer: 
Alina Beryozkina
5 rue du Commandant Lamy - 75011 Paris
01 44 09 03 01