10 samples + 19€ gift voucher

Discover the OBVIOUS perfume collection through 10 perfume samples.

OBVIOUS Discovery Set includes:

- 10 x 1,5ml perfume samples: Un Bois, Un Poivre, Un Musc, Une Fleur d'Oranger, Une Vanille, Une Rose, Un Patchouli, Une Verveine, Une Figue, Un Oud

- A 19€ gift voucher valid for the purchase of a OBVIOUS perfume 100ml (sent by email as soon as your order is validated or by login in your customer account)

NOTE: our teams will add a sample of the novelties Un Été & Une Pistache to your discovery kit.

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- Code strictly personal and valid once per person 

- Code valid on the e-shop only during 2 months following the purchase of a Discovery Set

- Limit of 1 discovery set by account

The price of discovery set is at cost and only includes the preparation and shipping costs of your order.

Samples are free and cannot be sold.

The discover set cannot be returned.


Obvious is a new luxury perfume brand founded by David Frossard and that combines simplicity with elegance, and elegance with respect. While Obvious is completely motivated by transparency, recyclability and accountability, make no mistake, the brand epitomises luxury, savoir-faire, generosity, and beautiful complementary creations that are simple yet eminently complex. When it comes to concentrates, Obvious favours natural ingredients but does not shun synthetic ones. We have chosen to use organic dilution alcohol, recyclable bottles made from recycled glass, cork caps with no plastic inserts, and boxes made from recycled paper and naturals dyes. 

Nothing more.

In a word, ‘obvious’ sums up Obvious’ entire approach. This is what the brand is all about: an obvious name, obvious simplicity, obvious style, and perfumes that obviously say what they are without resorting to false complexity: Une Rose, Un Poivre, Une Vanille, etc. Obvious is an obvious expression of this real desire for olfactory elegance and a new concept of luxury that inspires many of us i.e. a luxury that reflects the very essence of what it offers, and which is made in accordance with French good manufacturing practices. 

Less is more… This is obvious!

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