List of products by brand Obvious

In a word, ‘obvious’ sums up Obvious’ entire approach. This is what the brand is all about: an obvious name, obvious simplicity, obvious style, and perfumes that obviously say what they are without resorting to false complexity. A brand that chooses pleasure, delicacy and refinement. If you like strong or very baroque scents, go way. David Frossard, the brand's creator, is looking for purity, evidence, and the refined pleasure of a fragrance that accompanies you, not overwhelms you. Beautifully chiseled skin fragrances based on the great perfumery accords, revisited and modernized: Un Bois, Une Vanille, Un Musc, Une Rose... A simplicity that resembles a return to a more conscious, more local, reasoned consumption. Here the art of perfume is at its peak, with a very minimalist and strong ambition at the same time: the perfumer does not save lives, but he can bring you additional pleasure, or even happiness, and that's already a great thing! A convincing eco-responsible brand as an evidence!

After completing his studies in philosophy, David started out in the family business which sold perfumes and cosmetics in Africa. Keen to strike out on his own, he joined L’Artisan Parfumeur where he was appointed Head of Exports. In 2005, the young entrepreneur founded Différentes Latitudes, a company specialising in supporting ‘indie’ perfume brands. He successfully launched the leading brands in this sector: BYREDO, Juliette Has a Gun, Atelier Cologne, Memo, BDK Parfums, Liquides Imaginaires, Parfums Frapin, Ella K, etc. In 2013, he created the ‘Liquides Perfume Bar’ and, in autumn 2020, he finally took the step to create his own brand, a brand that epitomises his principles and deeply held convictions: OBVIOUS.