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The OHTOP skincare range is created with the motto "I LOVE ME GENERATION". OHTOP is the addition of ingredients that restore the skin's natural health by creating the perfect balance of products that cleanse, revitalize and moisturize the skin. It's OHTOP's way of loving itself, like the "I LOVE ME GENERATION". OHTOP is cosmetics for people who love themselves and are loved by everyone.

OHTOP is an entry into the world of perfect skin for everyone. Skin that looks healthy 24 hours a day and feels professionally cared for. Deeply healthy skin that is resistant to external aggression and internal chaos. A perfect combination of Seoul's advanced cosmetology with Paris' elegance.

Romeo Oh, founder of the OHTOP brand and the Showroom Romeo in Paris, is an artistic director who discovers international designers in advance, and develops their skills as well as their reputation. As a fashion consultant, he also connects department stores and concept stores around the world with the new talents and designers of tomorrow.

Romeo Oh is unveiling OHTOP, a cosmetics brand, linking French chic with Korean cosmetology know-how. He also intends to unveil a range of beauty accessories for men, OHTOP MEN'S BEAUTY, in parallel with a beauty institute based on the OHTOP philosophy.

healthy look cushion healthy look cushion 2
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healthy look cushion

Make-up and skin care all in one cushion A skincare-infused Foundation that contains a high SPF 50+ PA++++ sun protection formula. All-In-One Cushion that makes the skin look healthy from the inside out and protects from UV. It is not just a foundation but also a rich cream packed with efficient ingredients for a healthy-looking skin.Triple Function...
perfect balm perfect balm 2
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perfect balm

Tree seconds magic moisturizing balm Three Seconds Perfect Balm instantly provides energy to any face area that needs moisturizing. Perfect Balm is highly concentrated with effective moisturizer, antioxidant, skin barrier protection and UV protection for the lips and any face area. 
cleansing foam cleansing foam 2
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cleansing foam

Cleansing and  shaving foam Cleansing and Shaving Foam with a delicate texture that cleans pores and helps maintaining the skin hydrated and fresh. Galactomyces fermentation filtrate, soapberry tree leaf Extract and quadruple Acid Complex formula gently removes impurities, sebum and dead cells to keep the skin clean and healthy. Galactomyces fermentation...
radiance toner radiance toner 2
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radiance toner

Fresh All-In-One Toner An all-in-one scented toner that revitalizes and radiates dull and lifeless skin. A concentrated hyaluronic acid complex formula that instantly moisturizes the skin with a long-lasting hydrating effect.
intensive emulsion intensive emulsion 2
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intensive emulsion

Moisturizer, skin shield and anti-aging emulsion Anti-Aging intensive nutrition and moisturizing emulsion for bright and healthy-looking skin. (Dual Function Cosmetics for Brightening and Wrinkle improvement). Lightweight texture Intensive Emulsion containing galactomyces ferment filtrate, olive oil, shea butter and vitamin B3 (Niacinamide). Helps fight...