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The empire of the senses, the hold of the sense, that of olfaction.  Marc-Antoine Corticchiato, a doctor of chemistry, specializes in the olfactory extraction of perfume plants, and offers us authentic, powerful, baroque perfumery that is never expected, never timid. From Aziyadé, inspired by the eponymous novel by Pierre Loti with its notes of plums, cumin, cinnamon, cardamom where the famous Ambre Russe which reveals the Slavic soul with its notes of "vodka", "champagne" to dress this magnificent natural ambergris. Marc-Antoine, born in Morocco and raised in Corsica, will also take you to the orange trees of his childhood or to the magnificent Scandola nature reserve. Take your time to discover this baroque and seductive perfumery, far from the marketing clichés. Parfum d'Empire can be recognized by its overflowing of materials and, paradoxically, by this balance specific to the Great French Taste. Radical and personal style: that’s what touches. A position taken against the puritanism of puny and normative juices. It resonates, it licks, it invites, it penetrates Breath of the gods, agitation of bodies. The empire of the senses.

Though his family hails from Corsica, Marc-Antoine Corticchiato was born in Morocco. He grew up between his parents’ citrus groves near the ancient city of Azemmour and his family home in the village of Corticchiato, deep in the Corsican maquis. A horseman since the age of eight, Marc-Antoine was a competition rider and considered becoming an equestrian professional. But his drive to understand the mysteries of scent production in aromatic plants, and why this scent varies over their life cycle, led him to study chemistry instead. He completed his training at the renowned International Perfumery School in Versailles (ISIPCA). Marc-Antoine went on to work in a research laboratory focused on the analysis of aromatic plants and extraction methods. For years he “dissected” natural raw materials and acquired in-depth knowledge of them. His first blends were intended for aromatherapy, which taught him to work under a double constraint, both therapeutic and olfactory. After carrying out his research for several years, he joined a Parisian perfume laboratory, when he found the opportunity to express his creativity more fully, before founding Parfum d’Empire. Through his perfumes, he expresses the fleeting moments of emotion conjured by blends of the most beautiful raw materials, coveted for centuries for their refinement, aphrodisiac properties and use in sacred rituals. It is this age-old link between perfume, eroticism and spirituality that he has sought to revive with Parfum d’Empire.

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