List of products by brand 19-69

This Scandinavian brand was created by Johan Bergelin. A talented founder,  he revisits the revolts and passions of the 70's counterculture. Resolutely modern perfumes that bring a fresh wind in the olfactory creativity. Whether we are talking about Villa Nellcôte, a perfume that evokes the legend of the Rolling Stones in Villefranche sur Mer, or Rainbow Bar, a mythical bar in Beverly Hills, or Capri and the famous Villa Malaparte in Le Mépris, Johan takes us back in time and space to talk about these revolts and this culture that we are the heirs to. Original perfumes, extremely trendy, of a great olfactory quality that will delight the most demanding among us.

“I have always surrounded myself with creative people, personal friends as well as professional. What has always inspired me is how these artists very often stand up for their values. They want to make a difference. This can be made in endless ways: a mural painting, a sculpture, photos or music lyrics. You may or may not personally agree, but it takes guts to stand up for your beliefs and who you are, and I do respect that. I think this is what planted a seed in me and was the beginning of 19-69.” - Johan Bergelin