Savon visage, mains et corps | Melyon
Savon visage, mains et corps | Melyon
Savon visage, mains et corps | Melyon
Savon visage, mains et corps | Melyon
Savon visage, mains et corps | Melyon
Savon visage, mains et corps | Melyon


Soap for face, hands and body, 135g

Exclusively in France at Liquides

Melyon Soap “Le Calendula” is the result of handmade work that cannot be industrialized, for the benefit of unparalleled quality. The process guarantees a very creamy, rich and moisturizing foam, that is gentle for the skin. The Melyon soap is filled with natural glycerin, that provides an ultra-soft and moisturizing experience. It is rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory components. The sweet orange gives a warm scent, offered by inclusions of organic calendula petals as well as turmeric. A magnificent soap, that appeals to all audiences. Melyon only use high quality, traceable oils. Palm oil-free, vegan, preservative-free, paraben-free as in all our soaps. 100% of the product is natural origin.

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Melyon cold Saponification bar soaps are handcrafted in the mountain region in France, the process combined with long natural maturation and high-quality raw materials leads to the finest quality natural cosmetic soap. In this method, the coconut oil, seed oil and the other natural cosmetic ingredients that are used are mixed and react at almost ambient temperature. Powerfully Natural. The benefits of natural soap making, is that the cold process method ensures these natural ingredients like coconut oil and seed oil are better preserved. While in they can be lost in the heating process in hot processed soap techniques. The alkali ingredient sodium hydroxide can sometimes suggest that the soap will be aggressive to the skin, but the reaction between the oils and the soda will make the soda disappear in its entirety at the end of the treatment, so there is no risk at this level. Very precise calculations make it possible to calculate the optimum ratio of soda and oils for a mild soap. In addition, it is necessary to induce the chemical reaction that causes the cold saponified soap. With top quality natural ingredients, cold process soap offers a sensory experience that just can’t be matched by commercially-made alternatives. Free from artificial ingredients and drying detergents, cold process natural soaps are skin-kind with a luxuriously creamy lather that perfectly pampers your skin, from top to bottom, every day.


The best, most often recommended, way to use Melyon bar soap in the shower is to wash from top to bottom. Start with your face and neck then work your way down.

Due to the presence of essential oils, do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding, in accordance with the legislation.

COMPOSITION: Helianthus annuus seed oil *, Cocos nucifera oil *, aqua, sodium hydroxide, calendula officinalis flower *, citrus aurantium dulcis peel oil expressed *, curcuma longa root powder *, limonene, linalool.

*From organic farming. Certified organic according to the COSMOS ORGANIC standard (international standard for organic cosmetics).


Melyon, a Swedish skincare brand founded in Stockholm in 2020 by the top model Roger Dupé, aims to be an inclusive force in an exclusive industry.

The skincare line is made with people of colour in mind, focusing on conditions commonly found among darker skin tones while still being suitable for all. With roots in West Africa, the Scandinavian lifestyle brand combines the best from nature and science, to create safe and ethical products with proven results. Meeting modern standards, all Melyon products are paraben-free, vegan, ecological and haven't been animal tested. 

By telling authentic stories through a line of skincare developed for people who deviate from today's norms, Melyon aims to contribute to more progressive beauty standards; and in the long run work for a society where beauty is perceived through diversity. "What I wanted to create with Melyon is a brand that has a strong identity through our products and with a modern Swedish design. I want people to be proud to own Melyon products and feel like it was made specifically for them while trying to get away from the standards in the industry. The primary goal was to translate an idea of beauty that anyone can adopt and feel included with products that do not seem inaccessible to them. My goal is to offer a relevant product in our time while respecting the environment." - Roger Dupé, the founder.

Melyon offers a complete face care routine consisting of a Milk Cleanser, a Detox Serum, a Day Cream and a Night Cream. All contain baobab oil which is soothing, nourishing, regenerating, repairing e and rich in vitamin C. Melyon also uses other natural ingredients such as ginger, papaya, aloe vera and broccoli.


The founder, Roger Dupé, was born in 1991 to immigrant parents in Västerås, Sweden. With their working-class background, they struggled to provide him with clothing that was up to the latest trends. But they always made sure that his skin was well taken care of - a form of love that transformed into feeling excellence that no one could take away from him. 

In Western Africa, where Rogers parents originate from, skincare is a form of self-love, and something people have been doing for generations. Taking care of your skin is more than a daily routine and silk-soft skin is seen as an affordable status symbol. In later years Roger depended on the knowledge passed down by his parents, the well-being and confidence of good skin routines. This planted the seed of one day, creating his skincare brand, Melyon.

Melyon is his way of paying homage to his upbringing, by offering products that make people, regardless of their skin tone and status, feel included. Melyon interprets beauty through diversity. Excellence has as many faces as there are people - Melyon will show the world yours. 

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