List of products by brand Odin New York

Odin, the god of gods from Norse mythology, inspired Eddy Chai and Paul Birardi to open their first concept store in New York in 2004. At the same time, they launched their line of perfumes with graphic lines bearing the effigy of the raven, symbol of the Nordic god. Odin fragrances are inspired by different horizons to create a contemporary and urban perfumery. Like the Ravens, the eponymous god's prerogative, our New York creators travel the world to define an elegant and refreshing "hipness" that reflects the New York from which it was born. Inspired by exotic destinations, ODIN New York takes you on an olfactory journey with modern interpretations and olfactory traditions. 

David Frossard a accompagné depuis plus de 20 ans le développement de la parfumerie d’auteurs. Engagé dans une démarche constante d’amélioration de ce secteur, David a pensé Obvious comme une marque de parfums de luxe qui répond aux exigences de notre modernité, en faisant rimer simplicité et élégance dans le respect de soi et de l’environnement.