D.S. & Durga

Pocket perfume oil 10ml

Eau de Parfum inspired by the rituals of the mortuary cults of the proto-Mississippian populations of the 13th century. For these populations, the cedar was sacred. Mississippi Medicine is therefore rich in Virginia red cedar and incense. Its heart is filled with a wild viola chord that may have grown near the Mississippi mounds. Birch tar adds a primitive, mysterious and ancient smoke.

SPOTIFY PLAYLIST: Badass/punk ethos

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TOP NOTES: Red cedar, Aldehydes, Incense distillate

HEART NOTES: Cypress root, Black pine, Cascarilla bark

BASE NOTES: Incense, Spanish cade, Birch tar

COMPOSITION: Fractionated coconut oil, isopropyl myristate, parfum (fragrance), citral, eugenol


D.S & DURGA is an american perfume brand founded in 2009 by a musician David Seth Moltz (D.S.) and an architect Kavi Ahuja Moltz (Durga). They started from scratch and did it they way. They were pioneers in DYI Brooklyn. They began by turning things they loved into sctend stories of cowboys, open terrain, Russian novel characters, and folk song. D.S. & DURGA creates fragrances that live on the level of great music, painting, and literature. A perfume is a world you can return to over and over again - a keyhole into far off places - material and imaginary. Each fragrance is an amalgamation of impressions, heavy research, memories, and unconventional ideas born in the mind of David, creating imaginative scents with realism and purpose. The perfume boxes are designed with eco-conscious materials and are 100% recyclable. Stories are nothing unless they are told. They are printed on the box. Every perfume has a playlist. Find D.S. & DURGA on spotify.com.

Type of fragrance
Eaux de parfum
Travel sizes
Olfactory family

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