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Eau de Parfum 100ml

I am a refuge floating in the middle of the ocean

Navigating at the border between air and water, I am the frontier between two elements. While my hold protects treasures of scents, rich with citruses and rare spices, my sails fill with iodized wind and blazing sun. I embrace mist and I brave storms. I am a drunken boat of odysseys.

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Three perfumes that tell about the mythical, dangerous sea journey of an imaginary adventurer who escapes his dangers and then recounts them in perfume.

Les Eaux des Bermudes are an homage to the legendary tales of adventurers of the seas, from the Odyssey of Ulysses to Shakespeare’s Prospero. They evoke all the heroic exploits of the oldest myths, as well as all our fears.

TOP : Ambrette seeds, Pink peppercorn oil C02, Grapefruit oil, Bergamote oil

MIDDLE : Laminaria algue

BASE : Oak moss, Amyris oil, Cedarwood Atlas oil Morocco

Parfumeur : Nadège Le Garlantezec (Givaudan)

Type of fragrance
Eaux de parfum
Olfactory family

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