A dazzling mix of floral witnessed by your uniqueness and your presence. Soliflore is your go-to whenever you want to stand out among the crowd. Driven by a duo of rose and jasmine and a base of vanilla and Amber making Soliflore an addictive mix that functions with harmony along the hint of a gardenia and musk feel at its base.

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It is this moment where everything falls into place. One single drop once released starts its journey into the space. Headed toward a certain destination, uncertain of whatever comes next, and not knowing the aftermath. Holding the creation into its hands, an encounter will have place where the extraordinary will happen.

When the moment comes, this drop will merge. A timeline will be created, the before and after, the with and the without, a story of creation of something new, of change, of remembrance.

Scentologia and the art of remembrance where every drop will create a new story, a new you.

TOP NOTES : Freesia, Pepper, Bergamot, Cypress

MIDDLE NOTES : Raspberry, Gardenia, Rose, Jasmine

BASE NOTES : Musk, Vanilla, Benzoin/Tolu, Amber

Type of fragrance
Perfumes extract
Olfactory family

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