With an oriental charm and an aromatic sense, Absolute’s main objective is to reveal your essence where sensual vanilla blends with white flower to mesmerize your being. And where the drydown of amber and musk will linger on your presence and form the shape of this absolute scent.

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It is this moment where everything falls into place. One single drop once released starts its journey into the space. Headed toward a certain destination, uncertain of whatever comes next, and not knowing the aftermath. Holding the creation into its hands, an encounter will have place where the extraordinary will happen.

When the moment comes, this drop will merge. A timeline will be created, the before and after, the with and the without, a story of creation of something new, of change, of remembrance.

Scentologia and the art of remembrance where every drop will create a new story, a new you.

TOP NOTES : Sage, hay, cypriol, laurel

MIDDLE NOTES : Vanilla, guaiac Wood, gurjum, white flower

BASE NOTES : Amber, tonka, tobacco, musky

Olfactory family

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